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I still love this picture

(via littlerocketinthesky)

I still love this picture

A man posted his exwife’s wedding dress for sale on eBay along with pictures of him posing in it.

His ex-wife had already taken the $4.000 ring but left the $1.200 wedding dress. He was initially set to have a dress-burning party once the divorce was finalized but his sister talked him out of it saying the dress was too pretty. The size 12 dress didn’t fit his sister and decided to use himself as a model. The dress was set to sell for $3.580 after an auction however, it turned out the bid was not legitimate. At one point the bidding hit $99.000.000 but it was unsure whether the bids were real. Instead Larry Star (the OP) kept the dress and wore it on MSNBC’s Countdown and The Today Show.

  Here is the link to his eBay post:

Overtoun Bridge

Overtoun Bridge in Scotland seems to be something to gaze at. Unfortunately for some people it holds terrible memories. The bridge may look like a great beauty, however it holds a tragic mystery. Since the 50’s, the bridge has been the place of suicide for over 50 dogs. Nobody knows why but all of a sudden a dog on the bridge will be drawn to edge and abruptly leap to it’s death. Some dogs are lucky and escape with bruises and broken paws, but for the majority this is a leap of death. The dogs that have perished have been long-nosed breeds (Labradors, collies, etc).  The suicides are always on the same spot and during one 6 month period, 5 dogs leaped over the bridge to their deaths. This mystery remains unexplained. Here’s a sad picture.

The ghostly face behind the man is that of Freddy Jackson. He was an airplane mechanic who died by accidentally walking into an airplane propeller two days earlier and his funeral was the day this was taken. It’s been suggested that Jackson wasn’t aware that died and decided to show up for the picture anyway.

The Crying Boy Painting

This portrait of an orphan was painted by a Spanish artist. It’s said that the artist’s studio burned down and the little boy was killed in a car accident. Starting in 1985 there began to be a series of building/house fires all which contained this painting. The structures burned to the ground but the only thing that was left in the same condition was this painting. The curse not only applies to the original but also to the copies made of it. The UK newspaper the SUN did a big story on this painting and asked readers to send in their copies so they could destroy them. A fire mysteriously started in the warehouse where they were being stored.

Orphan Princesses

I’m pretty sure everyone has noticed the absence of a parent (or both) in Disney movies. Snow White’s parents died, Cinderella’s parents died, Belle from Beauty and the Beast only had a father (who she had to abandon) etc etc etc. It’s been rumored that Walt Disney did so because he felt guilty for the death of his own mother. Following the success of Snow White, Walt and his brother Roy to fund a new company and buy their parents a new home. Less than a month after they Disney’s moved in, a faulty furnace cause Flora Disney’s death by Carbon Monoxide poisoning. The brother’s blamed themselves for the death and this may have contributed to the absence of parents in their movies.

Devil’s tower

In Alpine, NJ, a stone clock tower stands on it’s own. There are many legends surrounding this tower.

  • The tower held rituals by Satanists. There was a tragedy that caused the groups demise and there have been many unsuccessful attempts to tear it down. Works crews have died trying to tear it down.
  • As you approach the tower you can see people in the windows. If you drive in reverse around it 3 times, the ghost of a woman will appear.
  • Another legend says that if you drive around it in reverse3 times you’ll be able to see a body hanging from the tower. The body is that of a man who hung himself from the tower.
  • If you drive by the tower an unknown force will take control of the car causing it to drive toward the tower.

Calls from the Grave

In September of 2008 a train crashed into another train at 83 miles per hour. One of the trains carried 49-year-old Charles Peck. For 11 hours after the crash, friends and loved ones of Peck received various phone calls from Peck’s phone. When they answered all they heard was static and when they called back all they got was voicemail. Although they never heard his voice they had hope that he was still alie and trying to contact them. An hour after the calls stopped, Peck’s body was found. It was discovered that Peck had died immediately on impact. His cellphone was never found.